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HSI Centre Celebrates Siemon's EcoVadis Gold Award

At HSI Centre, the official supplier of Siemon's AOCs and DACs for high-speed internet solutions in the UK, we're thrilled to celebrate the remarkable strides made by Siemon in achieving the EcoVadis Gold Rating. This award not only highlights their dedication to sustainability but also aligns with our mission to foster environmentally responsible practices within the tech industry.

Siemon's progression to a Gold Rating from their previous Silver position is a powerful testament to their dedication towards improving their environmental footprint, social responsibility, and management. Being in the top 5% globally in terms of sustainability performance, they set a high standard for others in the sector to aspire to.

Their journey reflects a continued commitment to excellence and innovation in sustainability, reflecting the values we hold dear at HSI Centre. This award is especially resonant in the UK, where sustainability is deeply embedded in our cultural and corporate ethos.

As we spotlight Siemon's success, it serves as an inspiring example for companies across the UK and beyond, encouraging a collective push towards a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s draw inspiration from Siemon's achievements and strive together towards setting new benchmarks in sustainability.

Find out more about Siemon’s ESG Roadmap at:

About Siemon

Founded in 1903, Siemon is a forefront company in crafting and supplying premier IT infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centres, LANs, and Intelligent Buildings. Based in Connecticut, USA, Siemon extends its expertise across 150 nations, offering a broad range of copper and optical fibre cabling systems, racks, cable management, and Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions. 

The company is distinguished by over 400 patents in structured cabling, showcasing its commitment to innovation and industry standards. Siemon is also noted for its environmental sustainability efforts. Furthermore, Siemon OEM Technologies provides bespoke network infrastructure solutions, supported by a team of specialists and engineers dedicated to meeting the unique needs of OEMs, manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators.

If you’re looking for high speed internet solutions then you need Siemon products, based in the UK and have any questions, please reach out to our team.

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